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Summer Holiday Fun

Hoofest and Hoo Farm Craft Fair.

Hi all.

This summer has been quite a busy one at Hoo Farm and at Rachels Arts & Crafts.

On Saturday August 3rd we entertained Dinosaurs, The Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, Slimer, Celebrities from Dr Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Dr Strange, not to mention the cosplayers, live action role playing and many movie stalls. I was busy with the face painting that day but had a prime spot to be able to watch everything that was going on.

It was a great day, everybody had a lot of fun!

All credit to my brother Will (pictured centre in one of the pictures above, with the VIPs), as he organised pretty much all of this himself.

I hope he hasn’t been put off holding another as the feedback from customers and special guests was awesome. Apparently one of the guys from Dr Who said that my mums vegetable Lasagna was the best he has ever had.... something we will now never hear the end of!

On the Sunday (4th) was our first Hoo Farm Craft Fair.

we had 25+ talented artists and crafts people showcasing their items. Wooden hand crafted items, bath bombs, bath melts, wax melts, portraits, cards, hampers, fairy photography, fudge, cakes, spinners, felt items, jewellery and more and EVERYONE native to Shropshire.

Because of the popularity of this event we have decided to open a mini Christmas Craft Village over the weekends in December in conjunction with the Hoo Farm Father Christmas Experience. For more information on this, check out my events page.

What always makes me happy when any event is put on at Hoo Farm is the dedication and help from staff, friends and family.

Without sounding twee, I do feel proud of what my family have achieved and built in the 28 years that Hoo Farm has been going. The fact that we haven’t killed each other, working together says a lot!! 🤣🤣

Thanks for reading xxx



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